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We are a firm dedicated to ensuring your compliance and  building your due diligence process. We make you reliable for a long-term business activity.

GDPR Implementation

Improving your GDPR compliance program will reduce risk and enhance trust with customers and partners. Determine where improvements can be made, and incorporate program controls into your long term plan.

We help you to build a successful privacy compliance program by reviewing and identifing gaps for all applicable regulations and to develop a remediation plan. MAOUI AVOCAT offers consulting led, technology powered privacy assessments to address a wide range of privacy compliance requirements.

With us, build a successful privacy compliance program, design and implement processes and tools to address all applicable compliance requirements.

Third Party Due-Diligence

Third party relationships have become a crucial aspect of ABC investigations, as regulators demand full compliance with relevant laws from third parties and vendors and punish parent companies for non-compliance.

MAOUI AVOCAT works with clients to determine and address the risks posed from third party relationships and mitigate potential sanctions, focusing on key areas (FCPA, UKBA, Sapin II, AML).

We also work with clients to design and evaluate compliance programs and test the operating effectiveness of existing controls, by identifying gaps and prioritize enhancements / remediation efforts.

M&A Due-Diligence and Compliance Reviews

MAOUI AVOCAT is regularly retained to assist companies in developing robust pre- and post-acquisition (M&A) due-diligence reviews, focusing on ABC and sanctions due-diligence, counter-parties, and investment targets, for issues surrounding vicarious and successor liability.

The underlying objective of our M&A reviews is to identify high-risk areas and gaps, and prioritize due-diligence efforts post acquisition. Our compliance reviews are nuanced, targeted, and focus on transactional testing. We ensure that policies are being implemented, and identify where improvements are required for a robust ABC environment.

Our work has provided valuable information for acquisitions and divestitures.

Arbitration Support

MAOUI AVOCAT is strongly positioned to provide reliable, independent analyses for claimants and respondents in investor-state and commercial arbitrations. Our experience in a variety of industries, mixed with our expertise in forensics, allows us to provide consulting and expert testimony on complex financial issues.

Our arbitration experience includes contractual dispute resolution before Commercial courts and arbitral tribunals (ad hoc, ICC and ICSID); and regulatory litigation before state courts and global regulatory bodies.

Anti-bribery and Corruption Investigations (ABC)

MAOUI AVOCAT is regularly retained to advise clients in ABC investigations, responding to regulatory probes, testing compliance programs, specifically for matters related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act (UKBA), the Sapin II, and other relevant global anti-corruption statutes.

We generally act as independent advisors in conducting ABC compliance reviews, as well as work alongside compliance and internal audit functions to supplement or test their work.

We take a data-driven and risk-based approach to minimize client costs and maximize resource investments, and encompass industry, operational and country-specific risks.

We always provide clear, professional and – above all – practical advice to our clients. Our team brings both real-world commercial experience as well as specialist professional knowledge in order to address the challenges which arise in corporate management roles and in successfully addressing complex issues.